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rachel schoenbrun

writer, actor, comedian

about me

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Rachel Schoenbrun is a writer, actor and grain-based salad enthusiast based in Los Angeles. After studying Theatre and Playwriting at the British American Drama Academy, she traveled to Edinburgh to make her Fringe Festival debut. The Scots, frustrated with her inability to keep up with their astounding drinking habits, catapulted her to Los Angeles, where she suddenly realized she was meant for herb-infused cocktails all along. She also began her work in production at Bob’s Burgers while pursuing comedy with her sketch group Maiden Voyage. Since, she’s written and performed countless shows at The Groundlings, UCBLA, UCBEast, iO Chicago, The Lyric-Hyperion, Comedy Central Stage, The Pit, and Second City Chicago. Currently, she’s developing her action comedy feature, Under The Influence, with Stampede Ventures. When she isn’t telling people she “actually could’ve been a professional dancer had she not broken her ankle at 16,” she’s Google Image-searching pictures of Jeff Probst. Wait, does anyone reading this know Jeff Probst? Actually, never mind. I want to meet him organically.


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Agent: Carrie Macy​

Manager: Jerrold Rhee, Bohemia Group


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Talk soon! :)

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